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  • Torque limiter type 500 distribution capacity in Poland, installation, service, documentation preparation to receive the UDT.
  •   Applicable to all types of cranes
  • Features:
  • Surge 500 Series is a fully automatic microprocessor control system and control.
  • Limiter clearly shows the necessary information and warnings to the operator within the parameters set in the graph of the crane
  •   Limiter is fully functional with a possibility to expand and indicated through various expansion options and additional options
  • Key features of the 500 Series include:
  • Large digit LCD display (45mm x 125mm)
  • All relevant information are continuously displayed on the LCD screen:
  •   This information includes:
  • Projecting control, the number of bands, lines, manifolds and mass of the manifold
  • capacity or maximum allowable load
  • actual load
  • bar graph indicating the actual load lifted as a percentage of the rated capacity
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