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EUROPOLIFT Crane Type 977

Type 977 is a versatile compact hydraulic telescopic crane for a variety of applications designed and manufactured by Europolift Sp.zo.o. Crane Type 977 has CE and 3 year warranty.

Crane Type 977 is designed for:
On-board fishing boats (various types), ships, military (different types), trucks with or without props, in marinas, on trailers or car trailers (various types), the railways, the tracked vehicles (various types), and for maintenance projects and manufacturing plants and many other applications.


Type 977 is equipped with a powerful winch to work in extreme weather conditions
Capacity max. 8.25 t to work within 1m
Maximum boom angle 180
Rotation around the axis of 370 degrees
Overload protection
3 sectional hydraulic boom
Brake winch pulling force 3500 kg speed of 12m/min
Lina: length 15.00 m diameter of 12.00 mm
Max. operating range and radius 6 m (capacity 1.5 tons)
Max. operating range and radius of 7 m extension (capacity 750 kg)
2 Lift Cylinders
All parts available in stock

WEIGHT Total Crane:
1.4 tonnes
The total width of 2.40 m during storage,
The total height of 1.2 m Stowed
The overall width of the storage position złożnej 1 m
Pump flow rate of 36 l / m (max pressure 185 bar)
Hydraulic tank capacity 100 liters

First) extension 1 meter extension giving 7m
Second) set of hydraulic outriggers for cars
4) Powerpacks diesel
5) Powerpacks 7.5kW motor (electric / hydraulic)
6) Additional hydraulic winch

The crane is available as:

1 Brand New (warranty)
2 Used after regeneration (warranty on parts 2 years)
3 used
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