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    Truck mounted cranes with capacities from 60 tons to 80 tons, installed on commercially available truck chassis. Cranes such as these are ideally suited to meet the requirements of those who need to move quickly on any road or highway, at any hour of the day.

  •  CRANE MTK 35
  • Maximum capacity 35 ton at 2,5 m with
  • counter weight of 2.0 ton
  • installed on a suitable commercial truck chassis three axles (6 x 4) make SCANIA mod. P370 CB 6X4 ENZ Euro 6.
  • Radial type sub chassis fixed to the truck chassis.
  • Outriggers Four hydraulically telescoping beam outriggers and vertical jacks with independent movements;
  • controls located on each side of the carrier and in the upper structure cab.
  • Total stabilization: 6,20 x 6,00 m.
  • Partial stabilization possible.
  • Load chart for intermediate outriggers opening.
  • Outriggers plates always engaged.
  • Hydraulic system
  • High pressure Load Sensing system.
  • One variable piston pump for crane’s operation and one geared pump for slewing and outriggers movements.
  • Possibility of activating four contemporary manoeuvres.
  • Two electronic control levers with four position movements.
  • Oil cooler. Slewing Continuous slewing on 360°.
  • Epicycloïdal reducer with multiple discs brake in oil bath automatically operated. Orbital hydraulic motor, braking valve.
  • Slew ring with double ball rim. Hoist gear Epicycloïdal reducer with automatic spring brake. Piston hydraulic motor. Grooved drum.
  • Cable 14mm diameter 140m long. Pull capacity 36 kN.
  • Boom One base section, three synchronized telescopic sections. Boom extension with partial load available.
  • Length ranging from 10m to 32m.
  • Hook block Hook block with 4 sheaves, 30t type.
  • Cab Made of steel with cataphoresis treatment.
  • Excellent visibility cab with safety roof glass and independent heating.
  • Ergonomic controls.
  • Counterweight One piece of approx 2,0t (according to the brand and model of truck chassis).
  • Safety devices Pressure relief valves on all hydraulic circuits.
  • Safety and pressure valves on all hydraulic devices.
  • Load limiting device. Acoustic and visual warning devices.
  • Hoist limit switch. Lower limit switch.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Painting Bi-component polyurethane body paint: grey RAL 7016 and yellow RAL 50% 1006 & 50% RAL1007 unless otherwise requested.
  • supplied with the machine Ø Use & Maintenance book,
  • Spare Parts Manual & CD Rom in English.
  • Ø Lattice extension 8m and 12 ton hook block.
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