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Mini cranes Vall

  • We offer on the Polish market, mini cranes VALL
  •  Factory mini cranes Valla Spa in Italy is the world leader in the production of small mobile industrial cranes.
  •  In early 1960 Valla recognized the need to construct new types of cranes to move materials that could find its place between forklifts and cranes, mobile, then Valla designed the first self-propelled electrically powered industrial crane.
  • Valla has developed over the decades, a full range of small mobile cranes with a lifting capacity from 2 to 90 tons with diesel, electric and hybrid.
  • VALLA cranes are built on the chassis of wheeled and tracked with dozens of special applications designed specifically to meet the needs of customers.

  • Welcome to the gallery which is located at this address: www.valla.xt.pl
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